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Bucheron® Cheese

The ivory-colored Montchevre® Bucheron® Cheese is well known for offering the taste and texture of two cheeses in one. This cheese usually matures for 5-10 weeks, resulting in a dense center and gooey cream line rich in flavor with discreet earthy undertones; truly a delectable blend filled with the flavors of Montchevre® cheese high quality fresh goat's milk. The beautiful rind on the Montchevre® Bucheron® Cheese makes it the perfect centerpiece for a cheese board; however, it is also delicious melted into a quiche, on a crostini or on your favorite steak.

About Fresh cheese

It only starts with boo.

You’ll love the goat cheese whose name is inexplicably only two syllables (BOOSH WHAM). The variations of how bucheron is pronounced are as unique and delightful as its taste. Matured for 5-10 weeks, Montchevre® bucheron is gooiest in the middle and soft all around. You’ll bring this out with fanfare every dinner party, occasion, and craving to show that you’ve got the bougiest goat cheese in the game.
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