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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Montchevre® cheese made? All of our cheeses are created in Wisconsin.
Is Montchevre® cheese made with pasteurized milk? Yes, ALL our milk is pasteurized in accordance with state and federal regulations.
Do your goats receive growth hormones? No! We are committed to providing quality products using milk from goats that have not been enhanced by growth hormones.
What is the shelf life on your cheese after the package has been opened? We recommend consuming the product within five (5) days of opening.
How should I store my cheese? We recommend storing your cheese at 33-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once opened, wrap it tightly to prevent it from drying. Keeping your cheese in a humidity-controlled (“vegetable”) drawer may prevent excessive drying.
Can Montchevre® cheeses be frozen? Yes; however, we do not recommend it. The freezing process may alter the flavors and texture of the cheese.