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Here’s the thing

When it comes to goat cheese, we don’t kid around

We’ve got a mission: make outstanding, wholesome goat cheese at the very best value, and make it in the best way too. Some people say it’s too hard to run a business and also make the world a better place. We say, why not at least try it, with a little goat?

Our Story

It all started in 5,000 B.C. with the invention of goat cheese

Fast forward to 1989 when we started at a 4,000-foot plant in Preston, Wisconsin, merging French cheese-making techniques with local methods. We perfected the process, became leaders in domestic goat cheese, and have been doing what we love ever since.

What makes us different?

Fresh, fresh milk, baby

It’s the driving force behind our business, but we don’t stop there. We care about our ingredients and we’re passionate about how it’s produced.