Savoir-Faire: know-how, experience, culture, delicacy, ethics, & refinement.


The History

Montchevré was officially founded in 1989, beginning with a milk contract of 3,000 lbs. per week and a small 4,000 square-foot former cheddar plant located in Preston, Wisconsin. While Montchevré has outgrown the original plant and moved to Belmont, Wisconsin, Arnaud Solandt and Jean Rossard (the original founders of Montchevré) remain partners today and operate with the same values and goals they established when they founded Montchevré more than 26 years ago. First and foremost, we offer high-quality, wholesome products that grow the goat cheese market by producing outstanding cheese at the very best value. In the beginning, Montchevré was producing 3 different cheeses; Le Cabrie, Chèvre in Blue and Chevriotte—all of which are still in production today. Since then, we’ve added over 50 different cheeses to our goat cheese product family. This growth could only be accomplished with a strong, steady and sustainable milk supply. Montchevré supports a network of over 360 local independent family farms that produce their milk exclusively for our products, giving us the responsibility to protect our farmers’ livelihood. Our team of field technicians plays a significant role in establishing new farms, helping farms meet our high, Montchevré-quality standards and implementing sustainable farming procedures for all of our milk producers. Moreover, at Montchevré we always strive to provide a safe and pleasant work environment for all of our employees, and we’re committed to offering fair wages and great benefits to ensure that every employee is proud to be a part of our team. Montchevré is able to produce the highest quality and most versatile line of goat cheese products because we respect our milk, our farmers and our employees… it’s the Montchevré way!

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Cheese-Making Practices

Cheese-Makers, led by 4th generation French Cheese-Maker Jean Rossard, have combined traditional French cheese-making techniques with perfectly balanced recipes to create our award-winning goat cheese line with the most versatility in the industry. Our idea was to blend fresh, traditionally French goat cheese with assorted flavors to add greater appeal to the American palate. The milk is slowly drained and immediately folded with the highest quality ingredients to ensure the rich and smooth texture that chefs and consumers know and love. From garlic and herb to cranberry-cinnamon goat cheese, Montchevré’s ten fun and delicious flavors are the perfect way to introduce someone to goat cheese or to add flare to your favorite meals! Montchevré’s award-winning specialty cheeses such as our Goat Milk Blue, Goat Milk Brie and Bucheron are all beautifully rich in flavor—perfect additions to your favorite cheese board.

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As more and more people are sharing our love for goat cheese, we are happy to take on the increased demand for Montchevré cheeses. Over the past four years, Montchevré’s manufacturing facility has doubled in size and expanded key areas such as the shipping cooler, packaging lines, dry storage and docks.

With this growth and expansion, Montchevré has maintained its commitment to food quality and safety. Our dedication has paid off, and we’re pleased to qualify for elite certification by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The BRC is one of the leading trade associations in the world whose certification program strives to guarantee “the standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensures that manufacturers fulfill their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer”. This achievement validates our commitment to quality and value; two pillars of our company. The BRC certification serves as a major stepping stone for continued progress as Montchevré continues to launch new and innovative products of the highest quality.

Montchevré is one of the leading employers in Southwestern Wisconsin with approximately 200 employees, some of which have been with us since the opening of our plant in 1988. Having employees who’ve developed with us through the years has helped us maintain and pass on tradition as we grow, keeping us grounded to the values and goals that helped launch our first plant 28 years ago!

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