Montchevre Supports American Farmers

Montchevre produces the most versatile line of goat cheese in the United States with prime quality milk collected from a network of approximately 360+ independent family farms.

Making outstanding cheeses requires the highest-quality milk. One of Montchevre’s greatest accomplishments has been establishing the largest network of independent goat milk farmers in the United States. We are honored and committed to support and maintain close ties with every one of our 360+ farms across Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Illinois that account for the largest single pool of goat milk in the country.

Because every one of Montchevre’s family farms produces its milk exclusively for our benefit, we have the responsibility to ensure each farm is running a sustainable operation.

Montchevre not only compensates producers with premiums for quality, but also has a team of field technicians dedicated to farm support, sustainability, and helping farmers achieve quality goals.

Our fresh milk supply is the driving force of our company and is one of the many characteristics that differentiates us from any other goat cheese manufacturer in North America. We are fully committed to our hardworking farmers.

There is no question that Montchevre’s reputation for quality is, in part, thanks to the hard work of our milk suppliers. So, as you enjoy your next Montchevre product, rest assured that our commitment to quality begins first and foremost at our American family farms!